of our Canadian Student-Run Business

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I picked up crocheting after I had some time off between a school term and a work term. After that, I've hardly put my hook down! It is rare that a day goes by where I don't create something, my favourite being tiny whales!



I started crocheting in December of 2018, when I decided that I would crochet all of my Christmas presents for my friends that year! It took me three days to learn and the remainder of the Winter break to crochet everything, but I managed to make a shark, snake, panda, two dinosaurs, and a cactus. From then on, I was hooked! Now, my favourite things to make are dragons and frogs, especially when I'm wearing my frog hoodie!


The Name 'Kartoffel Krafts'

The name of our business was inspired by our Danish best friend who we both love dearly and who has taught us a lot about Denmark! One of the first words he taught us was Kartoffel, the word for potato (and an important staple in Danish cuisine). Based on that, we learned a silly sentence, "Min opvaskmaskin kører på kartoffel-kraft", meaning "My dishwasher runs on potato power". When creating our business, we took inspiration from this and used Kartoffel Krafts (Potato Power in Danish) as our business name. We love potatoes and puns so using Kraft as a dual meaning was perfect! 
We are looking forward to the day that Kartoffel Krafts can operate from Denmark. Hopefully it will be soon!